boinc installation

1. BOINC: Client Installation

First of all, if you just want to be an investor in Gridcoin, you can skip the following steps which explain how to set up a mining environment for Gridcoin. In that case, you will just need to install the Gridcoin Wallet. Remember, mining means your computer will be researching science projects so it’s a good thing to do!
We will show you in the following steps, how you can participate in Gridcoin mining. To start mining Gridcoin, you will need a computer which fulfills the minimum system requirements for the BOINC Manager as well as the Gridcoin client.

BOINC: Introduction

To get Proof-of-Research (POR) payments, you will have to participate in one or more projects of the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC). BOINC is a platform for universities and research groups to upload small packages of their research. These small packages, known as workunits, contain parts of calculations and numerical problems which your home computer can solve. You can find more information here and on Wikipedia.

BOINC: Installation

The system requirements for the BOINC Manager can be checked here.

BOINC DownloadThe first step of the installation is the download of the BOINC software.
Most of the projects do not need the installation of VirtualBox, so the download link on the right side should be sufficient. More information about VirtualBox can be found here.

After downloading the BOINC Manager, the downloaded file can be opened by double clicking on it in the download folder. Some browsers also allow executing it directly inside the browser.
Eventually you are asked whether you really want to open the file. To install the BOINC Manager you have to choose yes. In the first steps of the Installation, you choose “Next” twice to accept the installation and the license agreements.

The defaults folder to install the Manager should be working good for most users.
boinc installation options

If the directories have to be changed, e.g. due to a lack of space on the system partition, you can do that by clicking the “Advanced” button. If you do change the default directories, the configuration file of the Gridcoin Client has to be changed later.
Pressing the “Next” button again brings you to the last step before the installation, where you have to select “Install”.
After the installation process you can finish with pressing the “Finish” button. By setting the tick at “Launch the BOINC Manager” you can start the Manager directly after the installation.

Following the installation, the setup of the Manager is essential.

Setting up projects

This chapter shows how to add a project to you BOINC Manager. There are some things to know before choosing a project:

  1. The email address is the link which connects your computer’s BOINC work to Gridcoin, so it is important to use the same email address in every BOINC project as well as in the configuration file of Gridcoin which will be explained later.
  2. Each project has to be connected to Gridcoin by joining the team Gridcoin in every project.
  3. The project has to be on the Gridcoin whitelist.
  4. The project should fit to your hardware. Each computer has a central processing unit (CPU), many have a graphics processing unit (GPU) in addition and there are application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). If you do not have ASICs, you should not try to participate in ASIC projects like Bitcoin Utopia. The work of a CPU compared to an ASIC would be like a drop in the ocean. Similarly, if you do not have a GPU, don’t participate in GPU projects like Asteroids@home. The Gridcoin whitelist shows the specifications of the projects.

As an example, we will use the project Leiden Classical, a CPU only project. After starting the BOINC Manager, you are asked to add a project or use an account manager. If you intend to use more than one device (a second computer or Android smartphones, tables etc.) you should have a look at using a BOINC account manager (eg. BAM! – BOINC Account Manager). You can find an account manager guide here and on here.

After clicking “Next“ we choose the desired project.

BOINC add project 1

BOINC add project 2

The following step, after clicking “Next”, is to open an account or login to an existing one. For some projects you have to register directly on the homepage of the project. Remember, the email address has to be the same for every project if you want to be paid in Gridcoins.

BOINC add project 3

The project is added now and will start with research-calculations if workunits are available. After pressing the “Finish” button the project homepage should open. If not, go to the project homepage (you can definitely find it via Google). You have to find the “Your Account” button and press it. The project homepage of a different project can look different, but should have the same functions!

BOINC add project 4

Log in to your account.

Boinc login to account

After login, you have to join the Gridcoin team. Do this by clicking “find a team”.

finding team gridcoin

Search for Gridcoin.

search for gridcoin

Click on team Gridcoin and then “Join”.

join team gridcoin

Repeat these steps for all projects you want to participate in.
In the simple view of the BOINC Manager the team is not displayed. To see it change to the “Advanced View”.

BOINC add project 9

If the team is not displayed yet, click on the project and then on “Update”.

BOINC add project 10

If you have added a whitelisted project and joined team Gridcoin, your computer should now be researching. Although you now should have everything set up correctly there are some conditions you have to fulfill in order to get paid in Gridcoins:

  1. The “Average work done” or Recent Average Credit (RAC) has to exceed 100 on at least 1 project. Attention: Credits are not Gridcoins!
  2. The system needs 1-2 days to recognize that you are participating (after a projects RAC exceeded 100).
  3. You will need a few Gridcoins in your mining wallet to get started. This is a security measure, starting with 100 Gridcoins definitely works. This will be addressed in the next step, creating a Gridcoin Wallet.

While waiting, you can start setting up your Gridcoin client, the electronic wallet. You can find the guide here.

BOINC Manager settings

The BOINC Manager provides many settings which can be found in “Tools” and “Options” as well as “Computing preferences”.

BOINC add project 11

Mining with multiple devices

If you want to use more than one device for mining, you should have a look on the BOINC account manager guide.

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