How to use bam with boinc

Use BOINC on multiple devices with BAM

Our Gridcoin colleague “Quez” created the following guide for using “BAM”, the BOINC Account Manager. This article demonstrates a simple way to use BOINC on more than one computer, smartphone or tablet. You should already be able to install BOINC on your systems.

The reasons for using a BOINC account manager

To participate in BOINC projects with more than one computer without having to add every one of your projects on every machine by hand, you can use a BOINC account manager. One of them is BAM! (BOINC Account Manager). It automatically adds your desired projects on every device connected to the account manager. You can find it here:

Step-by-Step configuration

The first step is the registration on the BAM website as shown below. Click on “Register”.

Next, fill in the registration application. Keep in mind that your email is the central information for the Gridcoin client to check your research activity.

After registration the account needs to be activated by clicking on the activation link in the registration confirmation email. If you can’t find the email, check your spam folder. Now you can log in. Press “Sign-up for projects” to choose projects you want to contribute to.

Now you’ll see a list of all projects currently available on BOINC. You should be aware that not every project is compatible with Gridcoin or your hardware*. If you found at least one compatible project you can add it by clicking on the “paperclip” on the right-hand side. If you have already joined a project manually, you can still add the project to your BAM account if the email addresses are the same. You can do this by clicking on the “magnifying glass”. Some projects cannot be joined by clicking the “paperclip”, either because they can only be joined by visiting the project’s homepage, or because the project server is currently down. If you joined manually (with the same email address), you can go back to BAM and search for an account via the “magnifying glass”.

After one or more projects are added to your BAM account they are displayed in “My projects”.

To connect the projects to your computer(s), you have to put a tick in the column “Attach new host by default?” (red) for newly connected devices and/or push “Attach all hosts now” (green). Now every device will participate in the projects you have attached (depending on the hardware*).

Bam Standard Verbinden

To connect the BOINC Manager to BAM, BAM has to be added to the BOINC Manager in a similar manner to adding a project. Click on “Add Project” but choose “Use account manager”.

Now choose BAM and click “Next”.

And continue with your login.

You can now add this account manager to all your devices so all your resources are focused on the email address you use. This has to be the same email address used in the Gridcoin wallet!

*Warning: not every project is whitelisted, so not all participation is rewarded by Gridcoin. You can have a look on the whitelist here []. Also not all hardware is compatible, each computer has a central processing unit (CPU), many also have a graphics processing unit (GPU) and you can also use application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). If you do not have ASICs, you should not try to participate in ASIC projects like Bitcoin Utopia, the amount of work a CPU or GPU could contribute compared to an ASIC for an ASIC project is minute. Similarly, if you do not have a GPU, don’t participate in GPU projects like Asteroids@home. The Gridcoin whitelist ( shows the specifications of the projects.

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